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Welcome to the resource hub for Maternal Wellness in Yolo County. 

Strengthening Families Through Protective Factors

​The Protective Factors enhance well-being for parents and children. Protective factors are linked to healthy growth for both parents and their children.

Strengthening Parents and Building Social Connections

​Positive relationships and self-care help parents manage stress and function well when faced with challenges.

Parental resilience and social connections

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Strengthening Parent and Child Interactions

Parents who learn effective parenting strategies and understand children’s growth and development can help their children form stronger relationships and express their emotions in healthy ways

Parenting child interactions

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Getting Basic Needs Met

Access to resources and services that address a family’s needs helps strengthen families and minimize stress.

Getting basic needs met

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These protective factors are based on the Strengthening Families (TM)  Protective Factors Framework from the Center for the Study of Social Policy. The Strengthening Parents and Building Social Connections category combines Parental Resilience and Social Connections; the Strengthening Parent and Child Interactions category combines Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development and Social and Emotional Competence of Children, and Getting Basic Needs Met represents the Concrete Support in Times of Need Protective Factor. For more information, visit www.cssp.org

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