Update your Current Information

There are several ways to update your record:

  • For minor changes, please send an email to directory@211sacramento.org with the requested changes.
  • If you would like to review all of your programs or have multiple changes, please email a request to directory@211sacramento.org. We will send a link to review all of your agencies information electronically and you can make updates accordingly.
  • If you would like to add a new program or a site (new location) to your agency please click this link and complete the program and/or site section.

A note of explanation regarding the way we store information:

  • Agency records contain information about your overall organization.
  • Site records focus their information on the actual locations where you deliver your services, like the physical and mailing addresses and how to get there using public transportation.
  • Program records are about the services you deliver, like the application process, eligibility criteria, and more.