2-1-1 Staff
The 2-1-1 Call Center staff is a dedicated group of trained call specialists who provide a confidential information and referral service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Assistance is available in multiple languages, and services are accessible to people with disabilities. Utilizing a comprehensive computerized database of more than 1,600 nonprofit and public agency programs, trained information and referral specialists give personalized attention to each caller. Specialists can refer callers to a variety of service that best meet their needs. Our Call Specialists speak: Spanish, Thai, Lao, Mien, and English. All other languages can be assisted with the use of our Language Line translation service.
Gabriel Kendall, Executive Director
Gabriel Kendall comes to 2-1-1 Sacramento/Community Link Capital Region with 8+ years of experience with 2-1-1 San Diego, most recently as Associate Director of Community Partnerships where he was responsible for building impactful and long standing relationships with community partners, providing 2-1-1 with community feedback and representing the organization at area meetings, boards, and committees. Gabriel worked closely with the Executive Vice President as the agency’s program liaison for 2-1-1’s Veteran and Military projects and initiatives. As a key agency leader and through his spirit of collaboration, Gabriel represented 2-1-1 at the 25 Cities Initiative, Regional of Continuum of Care Council – Coordinated, Coordinated Entry System Advisory Committee, Emergency Food and Shelter Program Board, SANDAG – Social Services Transportation Advisory Committee, County of San Diego Live Well North County Leadership Team and a number of other community collaborative groups. Before joining the 2-1-1 sector, Gabriel served as a Social Services Program Manager for the Community Resource Center of Encinitas where he specialized in emergency and shelter services.  At 2-1-1, he first worked as a Customer Service Representative then Database Conversion Specialist earning him hands-on experience with 2-1-1 operations, program design and implementation. These served as a stepping stone to positions as Community Development Officer, managing community relationships and the 2-1-1 Resource Center, and Associate Director Programs providing shared oversight to program development, 2-1-1’s contact center, Resource Center and Courage to Call programs.
Terese McWilliams, Director of Housing & Care Coordination
Terese McWilliams serves as the Director of Housing & Care Coordination. In this role, Terese leads the implementation of a Care Coordination model and manages the Coordinated Access System project. The CAS project offers the Sacramento community increased access to shelter referrals, housing diversion, and housing problem solving. She has been with 2-1-1 since spring 2020.

Terese is proud to have been born and raised in Sacramento, though she has also lived in Florida, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Terese earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and then her Master of Social Work degree. Prior to her time at 2-1-1, Terese worked directly with children, families, and Transition Aged Youth in the education and mental health settings. Terese is passionate about creating and improving networks of support for her community.

Katherine Sorensen, Community Information Director
Katherine Sorensen is the Community Information Director at 2-1-1 Sacramento/Community Link Capital Region. Katherine has been with 2-1-1 since spring of 2020, leading the Resource Center in database curation, reporting on resources and caller needs, and performing outreach to community partners. The goal of the Resource Center is to remove barriers to access on information about health and social services, disaster resources, and access & functional needs resources. In addition, the Resource Center works with the county to keep the public updated on special resources like, COVID-19 testing and vaccines, severe weather shelters, and ACEs Stress Busters resources. Katherine is the project manager for a collaboration with Kick It California, which screens and refers eligible callers to tobacco cessation phone counseling. In addition to 2-1-1 Sacramento, Community Link Capital Region contracts with Yolo County to provide services for 2-1-1 Yolo. Katherine works closely with the 2-1-1 Yolo Community Resource Specialist and the Access & Functional Needs Manager to ensure Yolo County community members have access to information about their resources. Prior to 2-1-1, Katherine was a data analyst at a consulting company that worked with county health and human services departments. She has a PhD in Social and Personality Psychology; her dissertation investigated emotion, personality, and culture.
Caroline Chase, Access & Functional Needs Manager
Caroline Chase has worked with the Resource Center at 2-1-1 for over 6 years, first as a Community Resource Specialist and now as the Access & Functional Needs Manager. Caroline’s activities involve curating the database that our Information & Referral Specialists and Care Coordinators use to connect our community members with resources. As a Community Resource Specialist, Caroline established connections with service providers, trained staff, provided reporting to funders, and outreach to the community. As the Access & Functional Needs Manager, her focus is on resources for individuals with function-based needs who may require assistance before, during, and after a Public Safety Power Shutoff or disaster. By mapping community resources available and identifying gaps in services, Caroline is working to break down barriers to access for these populations. Outside of work, you will find her in the garden or spending time with family and friends.
Molly Marceline, Coordinated Access System/Care Coordination Manager
Molly Marceline began her work with 2-1-1 Sacramento/Community Link Capital Region as a Care Coordinator, providing direct support to our community members with a variety of needs like homelessness, disaster preparedness, and health system navigation. Molly has collaborated with community partners, advocated for clients’ needs, and provided insightful feedback on our internal program developments and has been instrumental in the ongoing development of the Coordinated Access System. As Care Coordination Program manager, Molly assists with the expansion of the Coordinated Access System and provides support to the CAS/Care Coordination team members. Molly’s previous experience includes work as a Health Educator for pregnant women and their families. She holds a master’s degree in Public Health and is a Certified Health Education Specialist.
Kassy Trujillo, Call Center Manager
Kassy Trujillo is the Call Center Manager for 2-1-1 Sacramento. She is inspired to help others in the most challenging moments of their lives, which led her to 2-1-1 Sacramento. At 2-1-1, she feels she can assist people in stressful times by connecting them to resources that meet their needs. She joined 2-1-1 in the call center in 2020 as a Bilingual Information and Referral Specialist before transitioning to a Care Coordinator role, then to her current role as the Call Center Manager. She has held several roles within Goodwill Industries of Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada, including with Workforce Development as a Job Coach and Mission Services as the Community Outreach Manager. Kassy also had the opportunity to work with families experiencing homelessness as a Support Specialist for Next Move Family Shelter. These experiences have given Kassy the skills necessary to support call center staff in assisting diverse and vulnerable populations reach self-sufficiency by connecting them to resources. She is passionate about her work and believes a small act of kindness makes all the difference.
Monique Preciado, 2-1-1 Yolo Community Resource Specialist
Monique Preciado is the Community Resource Specialist for 2-1-1 Yolo. Monique has been with 2-1-1 since winter of 2021. In this role, Monique builds and maintains relationships with Yolo County community partners and agencies by attending collaborative meetings, events, and performing outreach in the community. Monique curates the 2-1-1 Yolo database of resources, which call center staff use to connect Yolo community members to information and resources in their area. Monique also maintains 2-1-1 Yolo social media pages.

Monique is proud to have been raised in Yolo County and is inspired by how supportive it is. Even though the communities within the county are separated geographically, they all come together as one unit to support the community and its members as a whole. Prior to her time at 2-1-1, Monique was at RISE, Inc., where she worked directly with children and families of rural Yolo County in education and mental health settings. Monique has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from CSU Sacramento.

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