Apply to Join the Database

Requirements for Joining the 2-1-1 Sacramento Database

The 2-1-1 Sacramento Database consists of non-profit and governmental agencies that provide a health or human service program to Sacramento County.

Agencies can apply for their programs to be listed in this database, but first must meet the following requirements and criteria of the Inclusion/Exclusion policy. Each application request form that is submitted is reviewed for compliance with requirements and inclusion criteria.

Non-profit agencies must provide a copy of their 501(c)(3) tax exemption status letter with their application. Government (or government contracted) agencies must provide a Federal Employment ID Number (EIN) or proof of government contract to apply.

In order to be listed in the 2-1-1 Sacramento database, an agency must provide an easily reachable contact person, with phone number and address for administrative purposes. This information is only for 2-1-1 staff use and will be considered private or unlisted.

Agencies and programs must also provide an easy-to-reach method of contact for the public (toll-free telephone or FAX number, accessible walk-in location, actively used e-mail, etc.) and have an accessible contact person who will provide timely response to public inquiries about their organization and services.

Agencies who join the database agree to keep 2-1-1 Sacramento informed of service changes (e.g. services provided, contact information, intake procedures, and eligibility requirements). An annual request for information review and update will be sent to each agency’s administrative contact. A completed annual review and update is a requirement for continued database membership.

2-1-1 Sacramento holds editorial rights to submitted information for style and standardization. Submitted information is used for the purpose of informing the public of community resources. Information is utilized by 2-1-1 Sacramento Call Specialists and may be shared through printed directories, resource listings, and online databases.

How to Register Your Agency
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Check to see if your agency is already listed in our database. Click the guided search here and enter your agency name in the keyword search box and click search.

Please review the Inclusion/Exclusion document. After reviewing the Inclusion/Exclusion document if you have any questions regarding the requirements and criteria, please feel free to contact the Resource Department by sending an email to

Complete the Agency, Program, and Site application forms (each program must have a separate program form).
A note of explanation regarding the way we store information:
  • Agency records contain information about your overall organization.
  • Site records focus their information on the actual locations where you deliver your services, like the physical and mailing addresses and how to get there using public transportation.
  • Program records are about the services you deliver, like the application process, eligibility criteria, and more.

Please include the following documents in your submission:
  • 501 (c) (3) status if a non-profit
  • Federal Employment ID Number (EIN) or proof of government contract to apply for Government (or government contracted) agencies
Submit documents:
Via Email:
Via Mail: 
2-1-1 Sacramento
Attn:  Resource Department
8001 Folsom Blvd, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95826
Via Fax: 
Attn: 2-1-1 Sacramento
Resource Department

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