2-1-1 Sacramento Reentry Guide

The 2-1-1 Reentry Guide was developed jointly by 2-1-1 Sacramento staff and the members of the Sacramento Area Reentry Collaborative to provide a bridge of support between community providers, advocates, and returning citizens.

Our hope is that this provides a roadmap and valuable resources to guide returning citizens and those who are assisting them. What makes this guide unique is the collaboration of several agencies, including the contributions of the Sacramento Area Reentry Collaborative. This guide includes an activity and event calendar and a link to the Sacramento Area Reentry Collaborative member site.

Post Incarceration Release Journey

Print and use these documents to help you get on track.

24-hour Planning Guide
If you are about to be or were released from custody in Sacramento County within the last 24-hours, this planning guide is for you.
72-hours Checklist
Studies have proven 72-hours after release from jail or prison are crucial for successful reentry into the community.
Top 10 Things
Print this list of the top 10 things you can do to make your transition from custody to community as smooth as possible.
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